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How House Clearance Services Give Back to the Community
July 3, 2019
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There are a lot of elements to house clearance that can feel overwhelming and distressing, particularly in times of need such as following a bereavement or a loved one moving into a care home. This added support and relieving of stress is a large reason why so many people invest in house clearance services to provide a thoroughly professional, friendly and alleviating solution. 

From having to physically shift household items to replacing furniture and waste removal, house clearances are comprised of many elements and there is no reason to tackle these alone. So what’s the solution?

Here we will underline why these services are so important for anyone going through a house clearance in the Birmingham area and all the benefits that come along with investing in professional and efficient support through this process. So who needs house clearance services?

The Practical Answer

Starting off more literally, there are a number of circumstances which mean people will require to invest in house cleaning services. Such situations include:

  • Bereavement and a loss in the family 
  • Family member moving into a residential home
  • Excessive hoarding of items
  • Moving house to another location
  • Office clearance when moving the office to another location
  • Having been evicted, or evicting a former tenant from one of your properties
  • Disposing of unwanted, large items (e.g. furniture)
  • Removing items/waste from squatters
  • Instances where there is a flat, apartment or property which is upstairs with no lifts or obvious means of transporting items

The Wider-Reaching Benefits

Looking at the bigger picture, there are numerous benefits to investing in house clearance services which you may not have considered. 

A house removal clearance company will help you in disposing of all the items you aren’t going to need again – from simply removing a single item of furniture from a difficulty located premises to overrun rubbish removal from a large house which needs vacating. There are many situations which warrant the need for this solution. Likewise, there are many benefits which come with this, which we have listed below in detail:

Saving Time and Energy

This first benefit is all to do with just how much time investing in a house clearance service will save you. A team of specialists will be on hand to clear various types of properties, showing respect and responsibility throughout the entire removal process, in the most efficient way possible. 

Saving time is a huge benefit for those clients who are better spent investing their hours into pressing familial matters or work pressures; allowing you to get things done which are most important to you with no distractions. 

Tactful Handling of the Situation

A good house clearance service will treat every individual circumstance with the discretion, care and tact that it deserves, ensuring that the emotional needs and preferences of the client is never sidelined for a more “efficient” operation.

Essentially, there are a lot of situations which result in the need of house clearance services. This includes bereavements and the moving of a loved one into a care home, which requires just as much emphasis on sensitivity and care as they do efficient removal as items – and the best companies will understand this. Correctly trained staff will be aware of such situations and empathise with the fact that they can be difficult and distressing for the family. 

Such professional house clearance services will often use ‘Unmarked’ Vehicles to ensure a discreet practice is carried out with care and consideration for everyone involved, whilst keeping the physical labour as discreet as possible. Likewise, great care will be taken when working on the properties to ensure sure that no further damage is resultantly brought to any entrances of buildings, hallways, gardens or driveways. 

Just as importantly, any valuable items, confidential documents, valuable goods, sentimental objects or family heirlooms are fully photographed and documented prior to the clearance beginning to guarantee that they are returned to the client after the service is complete and ensure that no valuable items are lost. 

Protecting the World Around Us

Environmentally conscious and ethical organisations will always attempt to recycle as much unwanted furniture, items and waste as possible, even if this is at the slight expense of the company themselves. 

The UK Government reports that every year, British people generate over 200 million tonnes of waste (222.9 million in 2016), with England being responsible for approximately 85% of this. However, standard landfill was reported to be the second most used waste treatment in the UK, accounting for 24.4% (52.3 million tonnes) of total waste disposed in 2016.

In response to these damning statistics, it is vitally important that we all do our part for the planet to reduce the amount of waste which makes its way to landfill – with house clearance services affording you the chance to do your bit for the planet. 

It isn’t just the good of the wider world around us which house clearance offers you the chance to improve, but also the benefit of the local community. For example, the suitable goods that you don’t want and are in a good enough condition are bequeathed to both the elderly and other Birmingham residents from low-income families who require certain items (e.g. furniture) in their properties. The potential to change lives and better the world around us is a huge benefit of implementing the professional aid of house cleaning services.

How We Can Make Things Easier

To ensure you receive a fully personal and cared for experience from start to finish, our managing director will always make a home visit prior to the work commencing. This allows you to be able to meet her and discuss the specifics of your situation and requirements straight from the beginning. Also, it generates a sense of trust between both parties and a solid, efficient, stress-free working relationship can begin to blossom.

Environmental Property Clearance Ltd are one of Birmingham’s leading specialists in House Clearances, Extreme Cleaning and Renovation Services. We are fully licensed and service a number of areas within Birmingham and the West Midlands including Sutton Coldfield, Hall Green, Perry Barr, Castle Vale, Marston Green and Kings Heath. 

So, whether you need a house clearance, commercial clearance, trauma clean or even a  compulsive hoarding clean – Environmental Property Clearance are at hand 24/7 to assist you. Get in contact today for house clearance Birmingham. Get a free no obligation quote today. 

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