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The Guide to a Perfect House Clearance

House clearance can come about during a stressful period of your life. Often you will need to clear a house after a bereavement or move to residential care. This can consist of replacing furniture or de-cluttering and disposing of serviceable furniture to make space for new items. It can seem like a daunting task to undertake. We have come across numbers of instances of house clearance in Birmingham where the help of a professional service has been such a weight of people’s shoulders.

So how can you do it right? We like to think we have a good idea of how house clearance is meant to be done, both in the house and helping you outside of it. As mentioned before, we understand that sometimes it can be because of difficult circumstances that you need the service. We believe in conducting house clearance in a way that leaves you with the results and reassurance.

When is it Time for House Clearance?

Bereavement and a loss in the family is not the only time house clearance is required. There are a number of scenarios where we believe house clearance is necessary. Oftentimes if it is to do with hoarding, they may not even be aware an intervention is necessary,  Let’s take a look at those scenarios where house clearance is a must:

  • Moving homes
  • Moving offices
  • Evictions
  • Disposing of old furniture
  • Loss of a family member
  • Elderly family member moves to a retirement home
  • Excessive hoarding
  • Squatters

When it comes to hoarding, excessive amounts of furniture is often not the only problem. There is usually a lot of waste, both human, food and animal. This will require a much more thorough approach than traditional house clearance. This can be conducted through extreme cleaning services. We can clear all types of properties with our regular service however, including:

  • Flats with no lift
  • compulsive hoarding property that’s vermin infested
  • 4 bedroomed house that’s full of clutter.

What is the difference between house clearing and house removal companies?

When you’re researching companies that assist you with house clearance in Birmingham, you will probably come across various house removal firms as well as those offering specialist house clearing services. At first glance, they may appear similar but there are clear differences between them.

A house removal company will assist you with transferring your household effects from your old home to your new address. They may offer additional services such as packing and unpacking your belongings in your new house.

On the other hand, a house clearing firm will get rid of all the things you are never going to need again, whether this is disposing of rubbish from large premises, removing a single item or emptying a house, garage and garden before selling or renting it to new tenants.

What Makes a Good House Clearance?

So if you’re doing any of those things, you now know we can help you. You’re probably wondering now how things will play out and what to expect. We can give you a guide on how to know you’re getting a great service by showing you the steps to the perfect house clearance. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

Good Preparation From You

Oftentimes you’ll be undertaking house clearance suddenly without much planning. Sadly, that is the nature of sudden moves so budgets may be tight. Helping yourself and companies by doing the right preparation and doing some easier things before you hire in a company can be the difference.

For example, a good way to raise some extra money is to sell any items of value yourself. With smaller items, many people prefer to sell them at a car boot sale. Other effective ways of selling include Gumtree, Etsy and eBay. Don’t underprice the items: it’s easy to compare and see what similar items have sold for in the past.

You can also list items on Freecycle. You may not make any money but you will be helping to avoid things going to landfill. Items which are not worth much to you may be just what someone else is looking for and the new owners will come and collect, saving you time and trouble. There are also some charities that may come and take certain furniture for free.

A Fully Licenced Agency

So you’ve done some preparation and you now need the help of an agency, what next? You need to know that the company helping you will be reputable. Therefore making sure they have all the necessary qualifications will allow your mind to rest easy. A reputable and genuine house clearance company will hold a full and valid waste carriers licence and will also be registered with the Environment Agency.

These licences are compulsory and a legal requirement for any company that carries transports and disposes of waste – even household waste. Ask the house clearance company for their waste carriers registration number and even a photocopy of their waste carriers licence. Any reputable firm will gladly oblige. Also, ask to see their licence in person on the day of the actual clearance.

Discreet Practices

Our training staff are aware of certain situations and understand that they can be difficult and distressing for the family. We at Environmental Property Clearance pride ourselves in carrying out our services with care, attention and empathy, ensuring we prevent as little disruption as possible.

We and many other agencies use ‘Unmarked’ Vehicles, so to keep the work as discreet as possible. Great care must be taken when working on the properties, making sure that ‘No Damage’ comes to any entrances of buildings, hallways or gardens. Any Confidential documents, valuable goods, or sentimental items are photographed, boxed and documented, and given back to the family to nothing unaccounted for that is valuable is lost.

Enquire About Buying/Selling

Keeping prices down doesn’t have to end with the work on your behalf, some companies will help you out too. Sometimes to offset some of the prices of removal, such as carpet removal etc. they will sell usable furniture for you. This is incredibly useful for those who just can’t move out the pieces of furniture that may be able to fetch some money in for you.

Community and Environmentally Friendly

House clearing firms will try to recycle as much furniture that you or they don’t sell as possible. This is done to minimise the amount of rubbish that goes to landfill. It’s well documented that landfills are incredibly bad for the environment as they release toxins. They are also just an eyesore and reducing the amount of rubbish that ends up in them is good for the surrounding communities. So employing the services of specialist house cleaners is also good for the environment.

One other way that we at Environmental Property Clearance ensure your things don’t go to waste is by helping the elderly community. Any goods that our customers do not want, and are in good conditioned, get given to the elderly and Birmingham residents who have nothing in their properties. The amount of lives this has changed is amazing

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