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May 17, 2019
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July 10, 2019
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For many individuals, house clearance services can be of huge benefit to aid in the discrete, efficient, careful and safe removal of all forms of waste and unwanted items from a property. However, there are various other benefits to investing in the services of a house clearance company, many of which the wider community can benefit from. Keep reading to discover the all-encompassing benefits of house clearance services and how you and your community could benefit. 

Minimising Local Trauma

Our specialists here at Environmental Property Clearance are well aware of the fact that many situations that result in our services being required are of great distress for the individuals and families involved. 

Trauma cleaning operations, for example, are one of the many services on offer which help families cope with the many issues and challenges which can arise following a bereavement. This extreme cleaning services focuses on the mess created by traumatic events, carrying out waste disposal and deep cleaning whilst simultaneously disposing of any potentially hazardous materials left behind (e.g. body fluids).

Trauma can include the safe removal of waste and unwanted materials following a wide variety of incidents. Suicide or homicide, blood spills, biohazard waste, unattended deaths, tear gas removal and industrial accidents are some of the many incidents which require the help of house clearance services. This operation will eliminate the chance of bacteria growing and the further spread of infection, meaning the space will be made safe and livable once again for yourself and the surrounding community.

Giving Back to The Community

When it comes to our standard clearance services, any goods which are in good, safe condition which customers no longer want get donated to the elderly and other occupants of the Birmingham area who require them in their property. These benefit a number of homes in the West Midlands, including Sutton Coldfield, Perry Barr, Hall Green and more. 

Our emphasis on helping out the community around us comes to light here, showing that sometimes a good result can be produced even from the worst situations. As the preferred supplier of both Social Services and Hospital From Home Care, working with Environmental Property Clearance is not only a means of clearing your own unwanted items but also potentially supporting those less fortunate around you. 

Cleaning up Crime in Your Area

Depending on their nature, many crime scenes require the aid of house clearance services, as police are unlikely to carry this out themselves. It isn’t as simple as merely clearing away waste, however, as there are various technical and complex operations which must be carried out by our expert clearance operatives to make the space safe and livable once more for the community.

Utmost priority is placed on disposing of all health hazards and hazardous materials, however, once the scene has been cleared, decontamination of the space is also required. Minimising against the spread of diseases is absolutely imperative to the well being of the community at large. 

Such viruses as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV are all serious risks at crime and trauma scenes, for example. Ultimately, the physical well being of all those who live in and around the selected are is our absolute priority, which is why extra emphasis is placed on preventing cross contamination for all individuals involved. 

After someone with the likes of these viruses dies the pathogens for the diseases can continue to survive – meaning being exposed to such bloodborne pathogen can result from any form of physical contact, inhalation or merely having blood or bodily fluid enter the eyes, nose, mouth or other orifices.

It isn’t just about an efficient operation, our cleaning services will ultimately ensure that safe, strict legislation and guidelines are in place to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of any occupants who live in or around the area. 

Help for Hoarders

The NHS estimate that as many as 2% of the British population have a problem with hoarding that “seriously affects their life”. Often considered by psychologists as a symptom of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), hoarding is generally categorised as the excessive acquiring and storing of items – often in a chaotic manner – which commonly results in unmanageable amounts of clutter and a culmination of waste items with little to no monetary value. 

This behaviour is often not just to the detriment of the individuals involved, but the surrounding community and families as well. Particularly following a bereavement or move, families and the community at large can be left with the problems that hoarding excessive items can cause. Many hoarders have been collecting items for many years and therefore there are a large number of bacterial and cross-contamination issues to consider. 

The waste and filth which hoarding can produce frequently ranges from bodily fluids, animal waste, sharp items, glass, drug paraphernalia and various other items of danger to the community. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you invest in the services of a trained professional and do not attempt to deal with this issue yourself – to ensure that yourself and the community at large are placed under no further danger.

A Discreet Operation

When it comes to house clearance services, it isn’t only the maintenance of physical upkeep that you’re investing in, but of psychological and social well being too. Our expertly trained staff are well aware of the necessary steps that must be taken in order to cause as little disruption as possible for both the clients involved, their direct neighbours and the wider community. 

One way in which this discreet practice is maintained is through using “Unmarked vehicles” to attract as little attention as possible. Ultimately, we aim to carry out the operation as efficiently and carefully as possible whilst simultaneously keeping commotion and further psychological strain and stress down to a minimum.

Likewise, the surrounding area will be of no danger of getting further damaged during the cleaning process – working with great care to ensure that no further damage comes to nearby entrances, buildings, hallways and gardens. 

Essentially, it is just as important to ensure no further damage is caused to clients and their community – both in terms of their property and emotional well being – as it is to carry out an efficient clearance service.

How We Can Help

Our services aren’t just your standard waste removal, we’re specialised house clearance professionals. To the benefit of you, your home and your community – Environmental Property Clearance guarantee you a safe, efficient, discreet waste removal and disposal of unwanted items. As one of Birmingham’s leading specialists in House Clearances, Extreme Cleaning and Renovation Services, we offer a range of services from house clearance, commercial clearance, trauma clean to compulsive hoarding cleans. If you’re in need of a house clearance service in Birmingham, get in touch. 

Get in contact today for a house clearance in Birmingham – Environmental Property Clearance Ltd are here to help. 

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