Environmental Property Clearance are one of the most experienced companies in the Midlands when it comes to Compulsive Hoarding Clearances.

Working along side our sister company - Trauma UK, we go above and beyond to ensure you property is not only cleared, but deep cleaned, sanitised and put back to its original state.

The Midlands Compulsive Hoarding Clearance Specialists

We understand that this kind of clearance can become very sensitive as the owners tend to have mental health problems. It can be quite upsetting for them and family members as they may be still living in these conditions? They may even require 24 hour care and have to be removed from the property, or in the worst case scenario, the owner has passed away. Whatever the situation, please be assured that we will do our upmost be empathetic and respectful to your family and property, keeping you up to date on a daily basis with progress and findings.

Its important that you seek a professional when requesting a clearance as there are many dangers involved that you may not be aware of? some of the things include:

  • Bodily Fluids (faeces, urine, vomit, amniotic fluid, blood, saliva) - Sadly, people with compulsive hoarding syndrome tend to leave matter around the property which contains all kinds pathogens and germs. From HIV, HEPITITS B, MRSA, NOROVIRUS, these will need to cleaned up be trained professionals. We are fully trained and licensed to remove biohazard waste from any property. Also, special equipment would need to used to eliminate any bad smells left behind which cleaning products simply can not remove.
  • Volume of hoarded contents - These are a fire hazard, and will most certainly cause structural damage to the inside of the property due to the sheer weight of what is there. Floorboards bend, pipes start to burst, and damp rot sets in.
  • Infestation - Many Compulsive hoarding properties have insect and rodent infestation due to the uncleanliness of it. We are fully trained and licenced to kill any insects or rodents that have accumulated in the property.
  • Animal hoarding within the property – the same as human bodily fluids; animals run the same risk! Especially, when pets were present in large numbers. Careful removal and decontamination will be required in any situation like this.
  • Environmental Property Clearance have all the necessary facilities to tackle any compulsive hoarding clearance. However, not everything is rubbish, and just as in a normal clearance, we will make every effort to re-use or recycle the contents taken from the property.


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