Environmental Property Clearance operate a rapid response service throughout the West Midlands.

As one of the preferred suppliers for Birmingham City Council, Social Services, home from hospital care, and mitie environmental, we will ensure you that all dangerous objects are removed safely and legally. Sharps can carry serious diseases and are dangerous to anyone that is exposed to them.

Needle Sweep

Environmental Property Clearance attend many sites for our clients to carry our needle sweeps on their contracted properties. These are usually carried out on large areas of waste land, industrial environments, car parks and enclosed spaces. Our team of highly trained cleaning specialist will remove all sharps, waste and bodily fluids. Then Decontaminate the areas with a special fluid to to eradicate all risk of infection. All sharps, needles and syringes are collected and stored safely in a regulated yellow sharps container. They are then taken away and incinerated.

Drug Den Cleaning

Drugs dens present very high hazard risks to the general public because of the drug paraphernalia, sharps, used needles and bodily fluids. There is an extremely high risk of bodily fluids, Blood and faeces within this environment, which harbour nasty viruses such as Hepatitis and HIV.

Squatters Clean

Due to the rising number of homeless people in the Uk. Our clients are finding that more anymore of their properties have been broken into by squatters. Environmental Property Clearance will safely remove all Rubbish, human waste, drug paraphernalia, sharps and used needles within these properties.


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