About Us

Environmental Property Clearance Ltd are one of Birminghams leading companies that specialise in House Clearances, Extreme Cleaning and Renovation Services.

As one of the preferred suppliers for Homes from Hospital Care, Social Services, National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners, and many estate agents and solicitors, we pride ourselves in being able to deliver a ‘ One Stop Shop’ service to all our clients, taking the stress away from start to finish.

Due the nature of our work, we come across many distressing scenes on a daily basis.

These can range from the elderly who are ill, disabled, or cannot look after themselves and are living in clutter; families who are living in poverty and have no furniture or household essentials; individuals that have mental health and live in filth, or even families that have suffered trauma, or a bereavement.

We use all of our services combined to help those less fortunate. We may provide a house clearance for a customer, then with permission, donate that furniture to a ‘sensitive case’ given to us by one of our contractors. Photos are provided to those generous enough to donate, just to show the difference they have made in the other families life.

Our Directors encourage the team to work ‘above and beyond their duties, and this is why Environmental Property Clearance are different from any other company - Our mission is to make a difference in peoples lives. This on its own is the most rewarding part of our job, and certainly makes a difference within the community.

Our Managing Director will always make a home visit prior to the work commencing. This enables her to meet you, the customer, and discuss your requirements. Also, it generates a sense of trust between both parties, and a solid working relationship.

EPC are a family run business with over 30 years experience within the industry. The majority of our work comes through recommendation, and portfolios of our work are available upon request.

So, whether you need a house clearance, commercial clearance, trauma clean, compulsive hoarding clean, or even a new extension. Environmental Property Clearance are at hand 24/7 to assist.

Meet The Team

Natalie Cornes

Managing Director (Extreme Cleaning and Clearance Division)

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Paul Cornes

Operations Director (Renovation & Clearance Division)

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Karen Cornes

Area Manager ( Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Division)

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Samuel Goulding

Supervisor ( Renovation, cleaning and Clearance Division)

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